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This Smiling, Beaming Face Inspires me Daily

This is my student and friend Nap Dow. She is beyond amazing. I have spent the past six months helping her and another older student, Fon, prepare to get into a GED program so they can get into college in … Continue reading

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Damning Dismissal, Shoving Aside Superiority

Sadly, I feel I must preface this to say that this is not a joke and I am being 100% sincere. I say this because what comes next may surprise or even shock some of you who knew an earlier … Continue reading

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Of Handle Bars and Unbending Knees

Sitting in my approximately 86th hour of continuously silent meditation at my 2nd vipassana course last year, I was overcome with an idea that could change my life. Yes, I know the goal is to sit still, in the now, … Continue reading

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Dancing, Dancing, Dancing….

Yes, another playlist. One whole hour of songs that show that sometimes joy radiates in such a way that the only description that makes sense is Dancing! Click play and enjoy. The response to the image of me darting from … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Learned in my One Year as an Expat

Last week marked my first year as an Expat. And while I am still working on a far greater, more important post about this, I wanted to list some of the things I have learned in the past year. Writing … Continue reading

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Today was my sixth immunotherapy session – sixth of nine (perhaps I should have waited till Wednesday to write this for that random Star Trek alignment…) sessions in my first battery of treatments. It is getting easier on my body … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Good News Changes Everything

I loitered in my room a bit longer than I ever should have. Well, if I was planning to make my appointment on time. To say I was nervous about what I was going to hear would be quite the … Continue reading

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Tapping the Spine

In my mind I can not think of a spinal tap with out thinking of ouroboros. It not just that they are removing these primal fluids from your back, which I think of as akin to embryonic fluid, its that … Continue reading

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A Spectacularly Piss Poor Day

So last Monday I called my doctor. Yep that is all it took to make my day totally, utterly crap. He confirmed exactly what had been suspected: I do in fact have cancer. My journey to Laos the night before, … Continue reading

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Ten Things

To help keep me in good spirits these days, a huge task as I wait for my cancer biopsy results (of which I heard nothing this past Friday, and am now expecting to hear something on Monday), I’ve been listening … Continue reading

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