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Cancer Out of my Hands

As a play on and tribute to Harvey Pekar’s wonderful graphic novel, Our Cancer Year, this is the first of many posts about My Cancer Year, (ooh…. a new tag….). This is an updated version of a post I wrote … Continue reading

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The News.

January eighth. A tuesday. The day I got the results from my 150 day experiment. It started with me sleeping in a bit longer than normal, two hours of meditation and then my new weekly Qi Gong class, a class … Continue reading

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You are What you Hear Too

One more avenue I walked down in preparing a cancer free zone throughout my body was though music. I started listening to the first three of these songs every morning after meditation to psyche myself up with positive thoughts spurred … Continue reading

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One Hundred and Sixty One

So I wrote this at the beginning of August of last year, or you know, 161 days before today. (In my mind, this was going to be published on Jan 1, which was exactly 150 days from when I wrote … Continue reading

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Writer’s block, the Immobility of Illness, and Where to go from Here

Ever since my surgery last October, I have been fairly silent here. Not totally, but enough to have made me wonder: will I ever update my blog again? This was by no means for lack of want or even effort. … Continue reading

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Today was my sixth immunotherapy session – sixth of nine (perhaps I should have waited till Wednesday to write this for that random Star Trek alignment…) sessions in my first battery of treatments. It is getting easier on my body … Continue reading

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Tapping the Spine

In my mind I can not think of a spinal tap with out thinking of ouroboros. It not just that they are removing these primal fluids from your back, which I think of as akin to embryonic fluid, its that … Continue reading

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