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Damning Dismissal, Shoving Aside Superiority

Sadly, I feel I must preface this to say that this is not a joke and I am being 100% sincere. I say this because what comes next may surprise or even shock some of you who knew an earlier … Continue reading

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You are What you Hear Too

One more avenue I walked down in preparing a cancer free zone throughout my body was though music. I started listening to the first three of these songs every morning after meditation to psyche myself up with positive thoughts spurred … Continue reading

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On Cynicism, Sarcasam, and Sincerity

So it occurred to me recently that this blog is near absent the sarcasm/cynicism which I am fairly well known for. I would be lying if I said this was intentional. I would also be lying if I said it … Continue reading

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A Spectacularly Piss Poor Day

So last Monday I called my doctor. Yep that is all it took to make my day totally, utterly crap. He confirmed exactly what had been suspected: I do in fact have cancer. My journey to Laos the night before, … Continue reading

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Where I Remember the Important Things

Something happened between now and when I left NYC, nearly a year ago. I am not sure of what it was, but I know it was/is destructive. I left NYC not just to see the world and the places I … Continue reading

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Dancing Like You Mean It

Okay. Many of you many not know this about me, but I love to dance. I am now mostly just a chair dancer due to my stupid leg, but I give every chair I’m in my all and swing about. … Continue reading

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Vipassana Course, part 3

Sometime last year I was asked what my best vacation ever was. And due to my dark sense of humor and general snide attitude I said, in that oh so matter of factly way people tell me I am so … Continue reading

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Vipassana Course, part 2

Vipassana. “What the heck is that?” To be honest until my 4th day at my meditation course I was pretty unsure myself exactly what it was. But, in the grandest sense, it is a meditative technique that helps you alleviate … Continue reading

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