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Damning Dismissal, Shoving Aside Superiority

Sadly, I feel I must preface this to say that this is not a joke and I am being 100% sincere. I say this because what comes next may surprise or even shock some of you who knew an earlier … Continue reading

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The News.

January eighth. A tuesday. The day I got the results from my 150 day experiment. It started with me sleeping in a bit longer than normal, two hours of meditation and then my new weekly Qi Gong class, a class … Continue reading

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One Hundred and Sixty One

So I wrote this at the beginning of August of last year, or you know, 161 days before today. (In my mind, this was going to be published on Jan 1, which was exactly 150 days from when I wrote … Continue reading

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Vipassana Course, part 2

Vipassana. “What the heck is that?” To be honest until my 4th day at my meditation course I was pretty unsure myself exactly what it was. But, in the grandest sense, it is a meditative technique that helps you alleviate … Continue reading

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Needing Balance

Along with the Hyperbaric treatment, I also sought out an ayurvedic kidney specialist in Chennai. This meeting did not bode nearly as well and my Hyperbaric adventures under glass. Actually it was a far more pleasant experience, just without the … Continue reading

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Orlando is one of my favorite movies. It was the first movie I ever saw where I understood the power of the medium. It made me love movies in a way I never thought possible. I saw it when i … Continue reading

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The First Step

In less than 60 days I hope to be on the road. But where do I begin? Not where do I go first, but where do I begin divesting all that I have accumulated in my life? I have a … Continue reading

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On Having to Severely Change my Diet

One of the hardest things about finding out that my kidneys were dying was hearing that I needed to take a drastic plunge in reducing calories and water intake. The less I consume, the less my kidneys will work and … Continue reading

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