How does one cram a lifetime of living into 5 years? This is the question that this blog hopes to answer.

First, wolves (Lupus) ate my kidneys, most of them anyway. Now I am suffering from chronic kidney failure and have 5ish years till they are dead.

So here I will chronicle the adventures of over stuffing my next five years with as much experience/life/wtfever as possible.

I am sure some tales of mental and physical anguish and moments of exuberant bliss will also appear.

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  1. Loraine Ornedo says:

    Hi Randy ,

    I am not sure you remember me but I am Wilson’s little sis ….I am so sorry to hear about your condition . These are definitely one of those times that I look back and wish that I haven’t lost touch with the people of the past . I have really good memories of you and perhaps for the next few years we can re-connect …I would love to know who you are now and what you have been doing . There is probably nothing I can say to help the situation but please know that you will always have a friend in me if you need anything .

    Take care always,


    • Randy says:

      oh course i remember you loraine. i mainly remember causing you sonic pain by singing somewhere out there in my horribly off key bass, yet falsetto voice. sorry about damaging your eardrums….
      thanks for reading and saying hi.

  2. Hello; brother of mine. Something tells me; your story will continue far longer than 5 years. Live life to the fullest; as if each day were your last. Make your mark on the world! Smile, laugh, cry, love, LIVE! I want to hear your story sung in every part of the world; and I want that story teller to be YOU. Reaching out from the states and holding your hand because we’re going to get through this TOGETHER! <3

  3. Jen Ryan says:

    Randy baby!
    Love and mojo from NYC! Miss your crazy smiling ass.
    Keep positive. Keep writing. you have a real knack for it.

  4. Mark Mazut says:

    Hey Randy, haven’t seen you since a few years back when you showed up at Mugg’s for Split Thy Skull. That was a great surprise and it truly warmed my crusty old heart to see you were alive and kicking. Obviously things have taken a tough turn and I don’t know exactly how to tell a cynic to keep his chin up but you’ll probably argue that you’re not a cynic but a pragmatist and we could ping pong bullshit back and forth for days on end and blah, blah, blah. You’re in my thoughts and if I prayed you’d be in my prayers too. Just remember, what doesn’t kill us only makes us horribly disfigured.
    your old pal, malto

  5. Lisa says:

    Your determination, strength and kindness is inspiring. I am so happy that you came to our little corner of Chiang Mai at Free Bird Cafe and fell in love with our Burmese salads as we fell in love with sharing our space with you. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and show you a bit of our students lives. I hope that our space and smiles continue to bring you comfort and a relief after the ordeal of your treatments. You are truly a kind and brave soul.

    Please continue to keep us informed here of your struggle and progress and as always, let the staff and volunteers at Free Bird Cafe know if you need anything. Although I am away at the moment I am sending you loads of healing energy and love and hope to see you again in Chiang Mai soon.

    Thank you so much for sharing your birthday wish with us at Thai Freedom House; the generosity of your friends is beautiful and all in your honor.

    lisa and your Thai Freedom House family

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