The First Stop

For those uninitiated in all facts Randy, I was born in Kansas City, KS. Well actually Merriam, KS, but all told, as much as it causes me to chagrin, I am a born mid-westerner.

And somehow when I was preparing for this trip I became tempted to start my journey where I began. It was sort of a joke at first. But as I just finished spending the better parts of five days there, I can say it was either not that funny a joke, or I was infected my the laughter so much I had to actualize it.

I had not visited in a quarter of a century. And we moved away in the late part of 1981. It has changed. Greatly.
But so have I so I held no grudge.
Actually, I was fairly impressed.

And truthfully, I had never wanted to leave KS for TX all those years ago. In fact on moving day, I got up early and walked the 1/2 mile to my friend’s house and was determined to live in his tree house. His mom saw me out the window and called my mom. I was scooped up and dragged to Tejas against my will.
Please note, I am not making a Texas stop on this tour. That would be about as enjoyable of swimming in, then drinking, a large tub of four month old, chunky, spoiled milk. No thank you.

But I spent four plus days exploring Kansas City and its surroundings.
And while it was a bit too flat and monotone for my liking, it was the perfect place to stop first on my journey.

I got to see my good friend Hannah and meet a pretty spectacular online buddy for the first time.
I got to visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.
I got to see the very first house I grew up in.
I got to see an original Sol Lewitt.
I got to talk to a lot of people about what it was like living in Kansas City through the years.
I got a much better understanding where I came from.

About Randy

I'm just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can't. I grew up in Tejas. Went to school in Vermont. And currently live in Brooklyn. But not for long....
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2 Responses to The First Stop

  1. Ben says:

    This is great to hear. Sounds like an excellent beginning to what should be a fantastic voyage. This is good for you.

    • Randy says:

      portland has been pretty damn fantastic too. even if when i want to get out and re-explore i am stuck inside doing work. seeing friends and just existing in the place i spent so much time as a youth has been pretty fantastic.

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