Three Musicians

The first time I saw an image of Picasso’s Three Musicians was in high school – a picture in my English text book. I was totally captivated. It began a period where I read up on Picasso’s career pretty extensively. I really fell in love with his blue period. I liked it much more than his cubist stuff in fact. But I always came back to his Three Musicians with serious love and affection.

When I happened upon it in real life, upon my first visit to the MOMA many years ago, I stood in rapt attention in a way really no other picture has grabbed me before, nor after. I really can not tell you why this painting affects me in such a way. It just does. I have seen it maybe 8 times since that first time and each time is not different, my pulse races a bit and my eyes widen, I am content.

Even though I am far more interested in other artists today than Picasso, this painting still brings a great amount of joy. Perhaps more than any other painting I’ve ever seen.

So yesterday, on what I am assuming will be my last ever visit to the MOMA, when I stood in front of it I was swept up with an amazing bittersweetness. My back uncurled, my shoulders arched back, and I just tried to breathe it in, capture it in my lungs for safe keeping.

Knowing that it was just a subway ride away has always made my days here better. Easier.

Knowing that I have perhaps seen it up close, in person, for the last time is a striking blow. I mean at least I have seen it, but it just is another reminder of just how much I am giving up by leaving the city I love to live a healthier life else where. And right now these reminders are filling the air I breathe in a distressing manner.

The days in NYC have been muggier than ever this summer. And now I wonder if the real weight of the air is all that I know I will miss when I am gone, an emotional humidity, if you will.

About Randy

I’m just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can’t.
I grew up in Tejas.
Went to school in Vermont.
And currently live in Brooklyn.
But not for long….

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  1. Basir says:

    Technology also acts as a neutralizer for the Picasso/Van Gogh steniment. If you bring that kind of vehemence online, you are sure to be tapped down, commented down, and buzzed down from that kind of bold decisiveness. This comes from both friends on and off line. Online, people seem want it all to feel white and neutral and fit in somewhere like high school all over again. It can sort of leave you spinning on your now tattered steniment, your energy somehow zapped. As open-minded and global as the world is becoming, on some sort of basic level people just don’t like anything too far out there.

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