The Before Its too Late World Tour

This is what name I gave to my impending journey two weeks ago. It flowed out of my fingers and as I read it off the screen I knew. It was just right.

So the planned itinerary (times to be determined) goes something like this:

On or about October 1st leave brooklyn. I’ll spend October and the beginning of November visiting friend points west. And then fly from L.A. to Brazil. Spend some time there and then travel down through Argentina and fly to New Zealand. Then possibly stop off in Australia, though their draconian censorship laws are seriously turning me off, and then on to Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Nepal. From there I will go to the place that I want to spend the most time in: India.
Then I hope to get to Egypt and Morocco, before heading north to the EU. Where hopefully I will be able to settle.

This is just a very base plan right now, it will surly morph and change. Say if there is a strong call from Indonesia I will not hesitate to venture there.

I have 18 to 24 months to fit this all in. And I will not lie this causes me some stress. A lot of stress really. But really what else can I do?

About Randy

I’m just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can’t.
I grew up in Tejas.
Went to school in Vermont.
And currently live in Brooklyn.
But not for long….

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13 Responses to The Before Its too Late World Tour

  1. Sounds awesome! I think that you’ll enjoy seeing a variety of places and enjoy being on the road. It will become its own way of life.

  2. Leigh says:

    Let me know if you want company in Cambodia (or northern Vietnam). I very much regret not going there while I was so close.

    • Randy says:

      hope you want to see ankor wat leigh. i am planning on taking a month long class in saigon and then head up that way. how much time will you need to prepare in advance?

    • Leigh says:

      Well, I’m already saving money for travel. It will take a few months for me to save that, but as long as it is sometime in the spring…and have a vague idea it is coming up, I can get away with only knowing a couple of weeks in advance. Just keep posting and I will keep looking for tickets. Cambodian border is only 12 miles from saigon and it is pretty cheap to hire a driver. They just drop you off at the border and you pick up another driver on the other side. Well, that’s the cheap way to do it, anyways.

  3. PattyB says:

    I’ve been following your awesome blips and just stumbled onto your blog. Wow… I wish for you a fantastic journey and hope that your future holds some degree of chance for a better health outcome…

  4. erica says:

    Very excited to hear/see all about your journey. Hoping you’ll have some time to meet me when you’re in LA. I would love to talk with you in person. Knowing you’re really going to travel the world makes it seem just that more possible for me. You’ve definitely inspired me.

    • Randy says:

      the plan in la does in fact include hanging out with you erica. i should be there that 1st week in nov if everything falls right.

  5. Chris Seymour says:


    Long time no see. I live in Sydney now and if you should make your way here, you have a place to stay. Don’t worry about the Aussie internet censorship thing, its not a law as of yet and is not going to pass. :)

    If you needs tips for NZ or any of the SE Asia countries let me know because I travel to those regions frequently.

    Send me a note to my email address and let me know your plans as they pan out.

    Chris Seymour

  6. sudaca70 says:

    I’m such a dunce… I am looking for a new job and now I see you are looking for a new, greater life! Please let me know if and when you’re coming to Argentina, will love to meet you -since my NY trip didn’t bring the opportunity…- and, maybe, give you some tips on where to go, what to see, etc.
    Have a great journey and please post post post!

    • Randy says:

      I will definitely let you know when i head towards Argentina.
      Should not be till next year at some point. but I am really looking forward to the SA leg of my journey.
      Hope your job search goes well
      And posting will resume when i get on the road, in 8 days.

      holy wow….

  7. carol says:

    hi, randy!

    i’m one of your listeners on website and i read here that you’re coming to my country (brazil) this month. which cities are you going to visit?

    i live in recife, but i’m living for são paulo in three days for belle & sebastian concert and planeta terra festival. :)

    i just came back from a great trip through europe and i hope you are having fun with yours so far.

    • Randy says:

      hi carol

      i originally intended to come to brazil for planeta terra and to see são paulo & rio before heading to india, but due to horribly increased expenses to do this opted out of it and will be visiting brazil at some point next year.

      i am really bummed about this as i wanted to visit there 1st very badly, and missing planeta terra makes me very sad.

      since i follow you over there too, i will surely let you know when i will be visiting. super excited about brazil.

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