Dancing, Dancing, Dancing….

Yes, another playlist. One whole hour of songs that show that sometimes joy radiates in such a way that the only description that makes sense is Dancing! Click play and enjoy.

The response to the image of me darting from one side of the road to the other on my bike singing my newly made up song “Dancing, Dancing, Dancing….” was far greater than I could have imagined. I’ll be honest, I figured it would garner a few chuckles, even a guffaw or two, but I was quite unsure if I could convey the simple, exuberant joy I was feeling. I guess I did.

So many messages of people wanting to sing along with me (just a reminder, you do so at your own risk), doing their own dances, etc etc. That while I will not ask anyone to listen to me sing (yet. just wait for the all ukulele Wham! cover band called ‘Whatever Happened to Andrew Ridgeley?’ makes it’s youtube debut….), I did want to make this a bit more participatory, and to share the moment with all of you. So here is a playlist full of 19 songs, that command you to tap your foot, shimmy in your chair, thumb your steering wheel tot he beat, go full flashdance across your apartment, etc etc.

So take an hour, gear up and dance with me virtually, become the joy.

1. Stickboy – Pirouette
2. Nouvelle Vague – Dancing With Myself
3. The Divine Comedy – With Whom to Dance
4. The Ballet – When You Go Dancing
5. Coeur de pirate – Danse et danse
6. Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing!
7. St. Thomas – Take a Dance with Me
8. Regina Spector – Dance Anthem of the 80s
9. Feist – We’re All in the Dance
10. Plastic Bertrand – Dance Dance
11. Magnetic Fields – Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing
12. Lykke Li ft. Bon Iver – Dance, Dance, Dance
13. Noze & Dani Siciliano – Danse Avec Moi
14. Nouvelle Vague – Dance With Me
15. Émilie Simon – To the Dancers in the Rain
16. Monseiur PerinĂ© – Swing with Me
17. Chantal Goya – Ce soir on Danse
18. Belle & Sebastian – Dancing Queen
19. Miss Li – Dancing the Whole way Home

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I'm just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can't. I grew up in Tejas. Went to school in Vermont. And currently live in Brooklyn. But not for long....
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