You are What you Hear Too

One more avenue I walked down in preparing a cancer free zone throughout my body was though music. I started listening to the first three of these songs every morning after meditation to psyche myself up with positive thoughts spurred on by positive music. As this went on for sometime, I started combing my music library for uplifting gems, which sadly I do not have too many of (one could write an impressively sized thesis on depressive/melancholic collections of music and how it effects illness and disease I’m afraid). I weeded out the ones that while uplifting were strictly in the “if it were not for you, I’d be miserable” camp. Then focused on one hour as a time frame, and arrived at these 15 songs as an orchestrated mantra to getting better, to mending, to achieving health. (And note those verbs, they are about improving, not normal battle/war like words that so often seem to describe one’s relation to illness; and really, just how useful is it to discuss the inner workings of your body with military actions?)

Obviously this is a very subjective list of songs, but when ever I felt the winds of disillusionment about my healing project (and as much as I want to say I never felt them, that I excelled over them as the days progressed, etc etc… I felt them, I surely did — they came singing through, but I never opted to carry their tunes), this was the perfect spring board to push me back into reaping all the benefits of healthy intention and the concentrated power of super healthy eating.

You are what you eat, you are what you think, and likewise, you are also what you hear.

About Randy

I'm just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can't. I grew up in Tejas. Went to school in Vermont. And currently live in Brooklyn. But not for long....
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4 Responses to You are What you Hear Too

  1. Carmen says:

    I recently did an exercise where I put together a playlist from 1992 (the year I graduated high school) and one from 2012. It was interesting. I allowed myself to include music that reminded me of “back then” even if it was from a different year.

    Music is important. It’s a huge part of my life. I like this exercise that you are doing – OUTSING!

  2. Bob and Fran says:

    Randy, we are so happy that you’re now cancer free. You are definitely a role model for others who receive no hope from their doctors. You’ve shown a different path to take to successful results. Hope to see you at qigong class in the park on Tuesday.
    Bob and Fran

  3. Erica says:

    Somehow missed this the first time around. Great playlist!

    Everyone should have a playlist of songs that uplift them. I need to make one too. Always get chills when I hear “Do You Realize?”. Peej, Laura Veirs, Nancy Sinatra…etc etc…YES!

    • Randy says:

      i have no idea why it took till i underwent chemo and recovering from it that i understood the need for uplifting playlists.
      but yes. everyone should have at least one that stops what they are doing and forces them to yell BOOYAH! as they raise their fist into the air. (it is the movement of the fist in the air, which displaces the impossible, i forget which science journal i read this is, but it is true…).
      would love to know what you put on yours.

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