The First Step

In less than 60 days I hope to be on the road. But where do I begin?
Not where do I go first, but where do I begin divesting all that I have accumulated in my life? I have a lot less than most westerners my age, but I still have way too many things. What do I try to sell and what do I just give away? And what is just garbage that I hold on to for nothing other than that dreaded beast called sentiment.

So I began the first step yesterday as I started to see what many of the books, both comic and not, I have are going for on ebay. Surprisingly, I have a few highly desirable items. This is good. And a lot of stuff that will only flood the market more. mumblegrumble&shit…

And I have decided I will allow myself to pack 3 boxes of stuff I would love to keep, but if I never see again then so be it, that some friends have volunteered to keep for me. So I must whittle everything down I own to a trekking backpack, a laptop bag, and three boxes.
This task is daunting. To say the least.

I started a rule long ago that if I brought something other than a consumable in, I would need to get rid of something. This way I stopped buying stuff I did not need. But I still have way too much stuff.

Over the past year, after my body purged all the ick out of me with chemo, I have had a remarkably different relationship with my stuff. I started to see it as an anchor rather than as something that gave me joy or that I took relief in it just being there. Well other than a few books and a few kitchen items. Those I always loved. Those I will likely miss. But really, If i want to read a certain book again, I can. It might not be the same copy I have now, but that is the thing about books, the words are the same across the board. The value is in those words not the physical copy.
And while I love my Le Creuset, my pressure cookers, my tea kettle, and my knifes. The are all all easily replaceable.

Stuff just ties us to the place that contains it. If we are lucky we are buoyant and can float above it, but far too often we become obsessed with acquiring more to help us climb out of the mess the previous stuff has made.

Last December when I was preparing my apt for the arrival of my lovely new kitty, Nico — RIP dear, RIP, I got rid of so much stuff that just took up space that I realized would be far better used as a place for her to play. It was amazingly freeing and uplifting to rid my world of magazines that went back to the 80s and reams of paperwork that no longer had a purpose on this earth along with furniture and clothes. And while I rid myself of multiple bags and boxes of stuff, it was hardly a dent.

So I look forward to the freeing notion of relinquishing the power my stuff has on me. All of it. Well, most of it. The one thing that will be truly difficult is finding a new home for Helen, the delightful kitty I am fostering.

Please Help me Find a Home, I Don't Want to go Back to the shelter

I would die, figuratively for sure and quite possibly literally if she had to go back to the shelter. So this is where I ask for some assistance. If you are in the NYC area or know of someone who is that would like to come to the rescue of this dear blind kitty that has come out of her shell in so many ways, I invite you to contact me or Empty Cages Collective, the animal rescue group & shelter I have been working with since last year, directly.

She is going to be the hardest thing about leaving, as I have become extremely close to her, but knowing she is in a loving home that might send me a picture or two occasionally would make things far easier.

About Randy

I'm just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can't. I grew up in Tejas. Went to school in Vermont. And currently live in Brooklyn. But not for long....
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2 Responses to The First Step

  1. erica says:

    Is there any possibility of traveling with Helen? I have heard of people traveling the world with pets, but it might be too much of a burden for both her and you I am guessing. Found this article – with a few tips if you’re considering it.

    I only wish I lived in NY. I would gladly take the little one in.

    • Randy says:

      traveling with pets is so difficult. and it would be a serious disservice to helen, who needs overall her environment to stay the same so much. i think one of my friends is going to help out and adopt her, which is the best idea ever. he has already fallen in love with her. it is hard not too.

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