The current fallowness of my blog

For those unaware, I am writing a book on my experiences in India. Before I went it seemed like it would be a very good idea chronicling what I was sure would be the start to my last adventure. I also thought it would be interesting to chart my attempts to find a cure, which I assumed would be unsuccessful.

And well, I can conclude, without a shadow of a doubt, I did not find the cure I was looking for. I am pretty sure it does not exist. But I did find a pretty good stay of execution, at least as currently reality seems.

In nearly the year since I discovered I was far more walking wounded than previously suspected, my GFR numbers have only gone down four places, from 48 to 44. Even if this trend continues, that would mean I have over ten years till dialysis. And while yes, this totally ruins the name of this blog (i seriously can never catch a break……), well just how much do you think I care about that?

But with me currently jumping back in the hyperbaric pool again, on a bi-monthly basis for the present time, my adoption of Viapassana meditation and the amazing results of traditional Tibetan medicine (far more on this in upcoming post, as I am having to read a book to understand the principals of what occurred/is occurring, to be able to talk/write about it — just know, more super positive things burst forth in my last simply amazing month in India), I am convinced this current 10+ year projection is far off the mark. I am near positive that I am cultivating a rebirth of sorts within my kidneys. And while I have little doubt they will give me trouble for the rest of my life and likely what will be the end of me in this existence, I have far more time than advertised.

I have to say, six months ago, when I landed in Delhi, this outcome, while highly desired, was the furthest thing from my expectations. I more than sort of feel like a cliche about journeying to an exotic foreign country and leaving it transformed spiritually, mentally, and even physically. But again, do you think I am going to argue much about this? I mean really.

But, the point of this post is to say I have not forgotten to write, I have just not really made the time to blog write since I got to Thailand. I am spending tons of time writing what I hope turns into my book — though it is a struggle to see it all coming together right now. I did find a narrative hook that at least to me seems very compelling. I swear though, I am fairly certain that I will compose 1500+ pages for what will certainly only be a 280-330 page book.

I have some posts that I have started and just need to complete as well (ie. my favorite & my least favorite things about India and the aforementioned post on the wonders of Tibetan medicine). So, there are posts on the horizon, I just need to budget my time better and get to them. I am hoping this post will prompt me to do so.

And just so you know what I am currently up to in Thailand, I’ve been hanging out in the wonderful city of Chiang Mai for the last week. And now I am off to Kanchanburi in a few hours. This is where there is a bridge over a certain Kwai river. I am told I may even get to hang out with Alec Guinness, if he is about… But there seem to be some amazing musuems and memorials to the death rail way there. I am highly looking forward to it. I also will take a somber ride along on the railway itself, where over 100,000 people died constructing it. Then it looks like I am off to Cambodia and Ankor Wat, which fellow travelers cannot stop raving about.

Now lets see if this re-seeding of the blog will spur more regular posts from me. Lets hope so.

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I'm just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can't. I grew up in Tejas. Went to school in Vermont. And currently live in Brooklyn. But not for long....
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3 Responses to The current fallowness of my blog

  1. Leigh says:

    Glad you are feeling well…and are feeling longevity. I am so envious you are going to Ankor Wat and the bridge over River Kwai. You are doing the trip I wish I had. No worries about updating the blog…but more pictures, please?

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  3. Bill says:

    Elated in Kansas.

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