A Hyperbaric Solution?

My hyperbaric treatment is over. Six sessions down.

While I will not miss that claustrophobic feeling of being sealed in a glass box, I am really going to miss the feeling of what i must call “healing”. I have no idea if anything was healed mind you, but the vacuumized oxygen just seemed to instill great health in my body. My skin, which was fairly oily of late is now taunt and firm. The bags I normally get under my eyes – I say normally, but really I can not think of a single day since college when they were not ever so pronounced, so much in fact I just thought they were a part of me – have left this mortal plane. Looking in a mirror is as strange as when I lost all my hair and never seemed to recognize myself, nearly two years ago.

With such nice things happening on the outside, I can only imagine what has happened inside me. I can only hope it resembles this outward improvement.

One positive thing on the internal side is that the lingering cough and excess phlegm propagation that started within my first week in Delhi has cleared up. I no longer daily think “I’m totally going to wind up an asthmatic from this trip.” This is overwhelmingly a wonderful thing. And I can only hope that more positive internal things are going on.

The process was fairly schizophrenic. Well not the process, the effects. Some days I would return back to my hotel and just want to sleep for hours. Other days I wanted to start training for a marathon. Or rather, run a marathon, who needs training…. I liken it to those days of early adolescence when I was about to go through a growth spurt and either slept all day or spent all daylight hours running around causing havoc in my “local suburban residential area”. I so wish I remembered the catch phrase I used to call this activity. I seemed to use it so often back then.

What I will not miss is the feeling that I need to run a marathon, but the knowledge that my body just can not hack it. My stupid leg is such an impediment to getting around. And while I can make a few steps around my hotel rooms unencumbered by a cane and taking a shower is getting far easier, I am fairly certain the great improvement I had hoped would come after the chemo is never going to arrive. And I find myself regretting not getting an iron bar attached to my bone more and more.

The above was written before I got my results. It was pretty much full of hope, but also teemed with frustration. As I reread this, as I get ready to put down some thoughts on my results, I see there is quite a bit more than just my kidneys that are at issue here. But they are obviously the major concern. But, I also feel I must do something about my leg. Find something more than the stop gap leg brace/cane “solution”.

But this is not the place to muse on about my leg, this is the place where I can finally add some good news to the state of my health. Guarded good news, but good news. The Hyperbaric experiment has paid dividends. The crazy Oracle of MUNI seems to have been quite the soothsayer. As of right now, my GFR rate has increased two points – unheard of (but not impossible).

I know this seems like a very small victory (only 2 points, only a 5% improvement), but… it has presented me a possible option. A far more amenable option than dialysis. I say possible option, because I have to wait two or so months to see if this was essentially a false positive or if there is lasting effects from my hyperbaric adventure.

My doctor has warned me to be very cautious in my optimism on these results. But lets face it. I am not really working with much of a history of dealing with optimism here. So I am not exactly sure if I am being cautious or not. But right now this is a problem I am more than willing to have to deal with.

So I should know a lot more about the success here by the middle of April. When I either start looking for a long term hyperbaric solution or wonder why I even bothered listening to some blind crazy lady on a MUNI bus.

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I’m just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can’t.
I grew up in Tejas.
Went to school in Vermont.
And currently live in Brooklyn.
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