The Oracle at MUNI

So yesterday something sort of incredible happened. I am still trying to figure out what actually happened and what, if anything, it means.

But let me set the stage. And trust me, it’s a good stage.

I rode the MUNI 31 bus into downtown San Francisco yesterday. As is often the case, the bus was quite full. There were only two seats avalible. They were both next to a woman who appearance just screamed, “I’m fucking mad as hell!” In that Howard Beale open up the window and scream it as loud as you can sort of way. Her clothes were pungent to say the least. So lets just say I decided to not sit down and stood near the rear exit a few seats away from her and the open seats.

And really, one of the seats, was less than open as she had a cat litter box that seemed empty that she kept flipping over and over, changing which side was on top a few times a minute. She also put a price sticker on the box each time she flipped it. So much in fact that had I gotten on the bus a few stops later, I might not have known that it was a cat litter box.

She also was blind. Opaque splotches bloomed over her uncovered eyes.

So while I was in no way shape or form going to sit next to her — my nose just could not handle it — her strange movements and general herky jerkiness compelled me to watch her. I simply could not look away.

She was so fascinating to watch that it took me a while to get that she was saying things to people. Not just anything, but words & sentences that made people a bit unnerved. She would look right where someone was sitting/standing – all this while clearly blind – and say things like, “your pipes are not clogged, the pipe is broken.” Each person she spoke to was clearly shaken by her words and a lot of looks between passengers were going on. Basically a general WTF atmosphere was omnipresent.

Then the time came when she looked back at where I was standing and said clear as day “oxygen will fix your kidneys.” My jaw literally dropped. I nearly fell over. She followed this up with “the kind you can’t find in stores.”

What does this all mean? at what corner of crazy and clairvoyant does this intersect at? I have been obsessed with discovering what it may mean, if anything as I try and decipher some sort of meaning/wtfever from this.

So I consulted the google and got this study that seems to imply that hyperbolic oxygen treatment maybe able to help certain issues pertaining to kidney failure.

And while I am putting no faith into this or other possible oxygen treatments, let me tell you, I will certainly check it out and ask some questions. All current western treatment options are no longer optional. Why would I not want to look elsewhere and find something that could prolong the life of my kidneys.

So, I am just saying that what surely started as just another strange MUNI bus ride through the tenderloin may have some sort of message from something in the universe to get me to try something that may or may not help me postpone total kidney failure. So, yeah… I am going to look into it.

I also am really into the idea there maybe a blind schizophrenic lady on the MUNI with soothsaying abilities. I mean really who would not want that…

About Randy

I'm just a guy trying to out run his dying kidneys and live life as vibrantly as possible. Until I can't. I grew up in Tejas. Went to school in Vermont. And currently live in Brooklyn. But not for long....
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8 Responses to The Oracle at MUNI

  1. erica says:

    Best story I have heard in a long time. Half terrified/fascinated by what she might say to me if I met her. My strangest MUNI encounter was the bus driver who sat waiting with me on a bench in the downtown bus depot and repeatedly lifted her leg to fart (while sitting mere inches from me) as if nothing were at all unusual/disgusting about it. Super classy. When I finally fled the area she looked at *me* like I was crazy. Oh, San Franciscee, I do not miss thee.

  2. madmadcat/kissaherra says:

    Wow, what a story. I know exactly the kind of MUNI ride you’re talking about. I never met an oracle, though I did on several occasions have long conversations with total strangers about baseball. San Francisco!

  3. Happy says:

    A prophet!

  4. Dave says:

    Amazing story.

  5. Amber Freda says:

    Great story!! Where on earth did she come from?

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