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Fear…. of Dying

Once again, she has been given a clean bill of health, although with cancer that never means anything (you are only pronounced cured of cancer when you die of something else). – Ken Wilber, Grace & Grit So…. Here is … Continue reading

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Things I Would Tell Myself 20 Years Ago

It occurred to me recently that twenty years ago I was 18 and going to college. I was thinking what words of advice did I get and what ones would I have liked to get. Here I want to focus … Continue reading

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Of Handle Bars and Unbending Knees

Sitting in my approximately 86th hour of continuously silent meditation at my 2nd vipassana course last year, I was overcome with an idea that could change my life. Yes, I know the goal is to sit still, in the now, … Continue reading

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Dancing, Dancing, Dancing….

Yes, another playlist. One whole hour of songs that show that sometimes joy radiates in such a way that the only description that makes sense is Dancing! Click play and enjoy. The response to the image of me darting from … Continue reading

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The News. An Addendum.

Well somehow in my crafting that last piece over 3 computers and 2 devices, in a few word processing programs, etc etc, I seemed to l have left out a few things I had wanted to add, and a few … Continue reading

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