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Notes on Surgery, One Week of Bed Rest, and General One Handedness

Morphine is a hell of a drug. I had a dream that dogs with zebra heads for legs – yes, mouth where the feet should be – were chasing me. I had a name that I yelled at them, but … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Good News Changes Everything

I loitered in my room a bit longer than I ever should have. Well, if I was planning to make my appointment on time. To say I was nervous about what I was going to hear would be quite the … Continue reading

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Tapping the Spine

In my mind I can not think of a spinal tap with out thinking of ouroboros. It not just that they are removing these primal fluids from your back, which I think of as akin to embryonic fluid, its that … Continue reading

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A Spectacularly Piss Poor Day

So last Monday I called my doctor. Yep that is all it took to make my day totally, utterly crap. He confirmed exactly what had been suspected: I do in fact have cancer. My journey to Laos the night before, … Continue reading

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