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Brother, can you Spare a Kidney

So as most of you know, I am ineligible for a kidney transplant when it gets to that point. You know, what with my body fighting and rejecting my own organs, what do you think the chances I’d have with … Continue reading

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Vipassana Course, part 3

Sometime last year I was asked what my best vacation ever was. And due to my dark sense of humor and general snide attitude I said, in that oh so matter of factly way people tell me I am so … Continue reading

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Vipassana Course, part 2

Vipassana. “What the heck is that?” To be honest until my 4th day at my meditation course I was pretty unsure myself exactly what it was. But, in the grandest sense, it is a meditative technique that helps you alleviate … Continue reading

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Vipassana Course, part 1

Okay. I’ve given up trying to get everything down all in one post, as i’ve found it to be completely impossible. So here is part one in a longer series of what my 10.5 day course was like. This covers … Continue reading

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Ten Days of Silence Here I Come

So when most of you wake up, I will be starting my ten day Vipassana meditation course. That means there will be no updates from me for at least 10 days. None here. None on Twitter. None on Facebook. See, … Continue reading

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