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Needing Balance

Along with the Hyperbaric treatment, I also sought out an ayurvedic kidney specialist in Chennai. This meeting did not bode nearly as well and my Hyperbaric adventures under glass. Actually it was a far more pleasant experience, just without the … Continue reading

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A Hyperbaric Solution?

My hyperbaric treatment is over. Six sessions down. While I will not miss that claustrophobic feeling of being sealed in a glass box, I am really going to miss the feeling of what i must call “healing”. I have no … Continue reading

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Religion does not hold a monopoly on faith. It is possible to have faith in people doing the right thing, whatever that maybe. Most people enjoy the faith that they will wake up tomorrow. Etc, etc… It permeates all aspects of our life.

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Entering a Hyperbaric Chamber…

I am not looking for a cure. They tell me I am incurable. Every one’s kidneys have a lifespan. Most outlive their host. Mine will not. This is fact. I keep trying not to dwell too much on it. Yeah… … Continue reading

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