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Three Musicians

The first time I saw an image of Picasso’s Three Musicians was in high school – a picture in my English text book. I was totally captivated. It began a period where I read up on Picasso’s career pretty extensively. … Continue reading

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Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Last night I went to a book release reading for Facing Future about the album & life of the extraordinary Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwoʻole. It was great to be surrounded by people who have been inspired by his music and life. … Continue reading

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Orlando is one of my favorite movies. It was the first movie I ever saw where I understood the power of the medium. It made me love movies in a way I never thought possible. I saw it when i … Continue reading

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The Before Its too Late World Tour

This is what name I gave to my impending journey two weeks ago. It flowed out of my fingers and as I read it off the screen I knew. It was just right. So the planned itinerary (times to be … Continue reading

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The First Step

In less than 60 days I hope to be on the road. But where do I begin? Not where do I go first, but where do I begin divesting all that I have accumulated in my life? I have a … Continue reading

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Disappointment, part 1

Ever since I first saw The Mysterious Cities of Gold as a kid, I have long desired to visit Matchu Pitchu in Peru. These ruins call out to me in a way that I really can not convey. The voices … Continue reading

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On Having to Severely Change my Diet

One of the hardest things about finding out that my kidneys were dying was hearing that I needed to take a drastic plunge in reducing calories and water intake. The less I consume, the less my kidneys will work and … Continue reading

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In 5 Years Time…

Hearing that you have fiveish years till you are tethered to a 100 sq mile radius certainly makes you reassess your life. As far as anyone can tell I have been dealing with the repercussions of “wolves eating my kidneys” … Continue reading

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