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On language, What is Exactly Being Said (and Could it Actually be Harming Us)

Effective communication is essential for living well with others. I am pretty sure I can get unanimous support and agreement on that one. One of the most important parts of communication is listening to other parties one is communicating with … Continue reading

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My Birthday Wish

Yes, I am making a birthday wish this year. I have determined that since I am officially living in extra time and who knows how many more of these I may have, I have decided that I want to share … Continue reading

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Notes on Surgery, One Week of Bed Rest, and General One Handedness

Morphine is a hell of a drug. I had a dream that dogs with zebra heads for legs – yes, mouth where the feet should be – were chasing me. I had a name that I yelled at them, but … Continue reading

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The Worst

The absolute worst experience of my trip happened today. I really can not even say when I last experienced something so awful, so vile, so wrong when dealing with other human beings. Just know that I currently want to shove … Continue reading

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Ten Days of Silence Here I Come

So when most of you wake up, I will be starting my ten day Vipassana meditation course. That means there will be no updates from me for at least 10 days. None here. None on Twitter. None on Facebook. See, … Continue reading

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Needing Balance

Along with the Hyperbaric treatment, I also sought out an ayurvedic kidney specialist in Chennai. This meeting did not bode nearly as well and my Hyperbaric adventures under glass. Actually it was a far more pleasant experience, just without the … Continue reading

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Sol Lewitt

This is the Sol Lewitt mural I mentioned yesterday. It was in the front of a building near the Crown Center complex. As I was admiring it and capturing it on film, some security guard started to harass me, wondering … Continue reading

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The First Stop

For those uninitiated in all facts Randy, I was born in Kansas City, KS. Well actually Merriam, KS, but all told, as much as it causes me to chagrin, I am a born mid-westerner. And somehow when I was preparing … Continue reading

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Leaving New York

On October 6th at about 11 AM, I left NYC. For good. My good friend Steve picked me up and we drove over the Williamsburg Bridge and I watched Brooklyn, the only place I have ever really felt at home, … Continue reading

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